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Road Closure Map

School Streets

Leeds School Streets - Removing traffic outside Ingram Road Primary School to make space for social distancing from May 2020.
We’re pleased to tell you that our school has agreed to take part in a ‘School Streets’ scheme
that will help you, your children and our school community stay safer. This is to make space for
people to travel to and from school more safely and reduce the risk of spreading the Corona
virus, for everyone’s benefit.
To help children, their families and school staff to maintain social distance, Leeds City Council will
introduce a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to restrict traffic at drop-off and pick-up
times, during term time around [add school] (see map). These types of restrictions are known as
School Streets, and they have the support of the local councillors. If successful, this temporary
TRO could become permanent.
School Streets will help people who are walking, riding bikes or on scooters by providing extra
space on the road. The council will put signs in appropriate places so you know which roads are
reserved for people on foot, bikes or scooters, along with the times. Non-residents will not be
allowed to drive through (residents who do need access will be asked to drive at a walking pace).
Emergency vehicles and Blue Badge holders will have access at all times.
The School Streets scheme will also have other benefits:
makes the air around school fresher and cleaner
gives children the chance to get to school ‘actively’, which helps them stay healthy
makes roads safer for everyone.
We look forward to welcoming your children back; please help us all by walking, cycling or
scooting to school if you possibly can. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping everyone
to stay safe.
You can find out more about School Streets at


Ingram Primary School – Holbeck



Times of Operation



Rydall Place



Crosby Street to Brown Lane East


Monday - Friday

08.25 - 09.30

14.40 -15.35


Diversions: using Colenso Mount, Recreation Street, Ingram Road, Crosby Street and Shafton Lane