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All about your Class Teacher

Picture                                                       Interesting Facts:

  I love being creative - Drama was my favourite subject in school. 

  I have a non-identical twin brother.

  I love to read - my favourite genre is comedy. My favourite 

  author when growing up was Jacqueline Wilson, I loved how 

  creative her characters were.

  I enjoy to cook and find new recipes, although they don't always

  turn out successful!

  As well as being a teacher, I wanted to be a pop star - although if   you're in my class you'll know how much that wouldn't have worked     out!

All about your class teaching assistant:

Our class:

This half-term:


This half term, our focus in UKS2 is 'Marvellous Mechanisms.' This project will allow children to consider how toys are made and will eventually work towards to make their own toy that contains a mechanical/electrical element.


In English, the focus will be on writing a tale that includes a character flaw as well as non-fiction writing. 


In Maths, we will be finishing off our unit on decimals and percentages before moving onto looking at space and measure.


In Science, the children will be learning all about electricity. The children will be learning how to create an electrical circuit. This links in very well with our Project and Computing topics this half term.


Year 6 will be completing their SATS this term. They have worked incredibly hard in the lead up to their tests. More information about SATS week will soon follow.







Our Key Vocabulary:

rotary motion – movement that goes round

cam – a mechanism that changes one sort of movement to another. Cams can be an off – centre of a specifically shaped wheel

follower – the device that follows the movement of the cam

lever – a piece of rigid material that moves to and fro around a pivot

slider – a piece of rigid material that moves backwards and forwards in a straight line creating reciprocating motion

reciprocating motion – backwards or forwards movement in a straight line.

output device – components that produce an outcome, e.g. bulbs, motors and buzzers

input device – components that are used to control an electrical circuit, e.g. switches

Our School Trips and Experiences:


Throughout this term our Year 5's will take part in a theatre group experience with Slung Low.

Our Year 6's will also get the opportunity to take part on our residential to Lineham Farm activity centre during Summer 2.

More information will follow this shortly.




Important things to remember:

Our Learning:

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