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All about your class teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Jeffery.

  • I love cooking and baking and at school my favourite lesson was Food Technology. My favourite thing to make is a Victoria Sponge. It is just so yummy!
  • I like travelling on holiday to different places so I can learn more about the world around me.
  • I enjoy watching football and my favourite team is Liverpool FC.

Our Class 

This half term

At Nursery we will provide children with a learning environment where children learn through play. A lot of the time, this is where children are able to experience things for the first time and also are able to apply what they have learnt to new situations. We encourage children to take part in Messy Play which allows for curiosity, imagination and exploration to develop. At Nursery we also always have a home corner so children are able to take from their experiences, feel settled and then develop their play. All of the areas at Nursery provide children with experiences which allows them to develop their communication skills.


During Autumn one, our focus was ‘All about me.’ We did lots of learning around our daily routine, class rules and boundaries. We thought about ourselves, our family whilst we were making new friends.  It is a great opening topic for the year as the children have a sense of ownership and knowledge of these areas and so feel confident to access the learning.


This half term we have focusing on ‘Let’s Celebrate’. Following on from thinking about ourselves, we have been thinking about what we celebrate with our families. During this half term, there are many different celebrations for us to learn about. For example, Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas time. This allows us to also learn about how we might be similar our friends or different. This is something we also celebrate!


Our Phonics focus during Autumn term is all about tuning into different sounds we might hear around us. We make lots of music supporting ourselves in being able to move to some sounds, and also keep a steady beat. As a Phonics input we also look at Floppy’s Phonics books where we have different pages we can look at to talk about what we can see or hear.

During Autumn term, our Maths focus is around learning our numbers and being able to notice similarities and differences in objects and colours. In our Key Worker Groups, we do activities around sorting and categorising objects by type or by colour. We encourage the children to be able to talk and reason.


What to bring to Nursery?

As we do lots of Messy Play at Nursery it is important to have some spare clothes. You can bring a bag for your child and put inside some spare named clothes so we can change if needed. As we play outside a lot of the time, it is important to bring a water bottle and it also supports them in being independent with their self-care needs, knowing that they need a drink.



We use Tapestry to keep our parents up to date on their child’s progress and we encourage all parents to add any achievements and activities they may do at home.