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Welcome to Maple Class

All about your class teacher: 

My name is Miss Staggs and I am really enjoying teaching LKS2, this year. When I'm not doing teacher things, I really love to read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series and I am currently reading the crime novels written for adults by the same author, JK Rowling. 

We have a rescue dog called Bella. She's 9 years old and she is scared of everything. She won't settle to sleep unless I put the cool air fan on, and recently, she's started sitting in the shower if it's windy outside. 


Out for a walk with Bella.


Our Class: 

This half term we are learning about:


This half term, our project is called 'Roaming the Rainforest - How does the Amazon keep us alive?' We will be finding out about the rainforests of the world, why they are important, what and who lives there and how they are in danger. 


In English, we are learning the key features of a Wishing Tale. Our model text is The Story of Aladdin. 


In maths, we are learning methods for solving multiplication and division calculations. We will revisit the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables and learn the multiplication and division facts for the 3,4 and 8 times-tables. 


In science, our topic is called 'Amazing Bodies'. We will be learning about the different bones and muscles in our bodies and their functions: support, protection and movement. We will look at different food groups and find out about the types of nutrition that humans need. 


Our Key Vocabulary:

Rainforests – Glossary


hemisphere – a hemisphere is half of a sphere or ball. The Earth is divided into four hemispheres: Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western.

Tropic of Cancer – an imaginary line that circles the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere and runs parallel with the Equator.

Tropic of Capricorn an imaginary line that circles the Earth in the Southern Hemisphere and runs parallel with the Equator.

Arctic – the area around the North Pole. It is the northernmost region of Earth.

Antarctic – the Earth’s southernmost continent. It is found in the Southern Hemisphere around the South Pole.

time zone – an area on Earth that has a specific time. Different places have different times so that everyone has a sunrise in the early morning and a sunset at night.

mechanism – a system of parts working together.

lever – a simple machine which helps us to lift objects.

linkage - a mechanism made by connecting together rigid links or levers to generate movement.

slot – a long, narrow opening or slit into which something may be put.

Upcoming trips, experiences and events:


Tropical World - Thursday 9th February 2023

Important things to remember:



Homework will always be given to children on a Friday and will need to be returned by the following Wednesday.

Maths Homework

Maths homework will be set as a ‘learn it.’ Your child will have brought home with them a learn it which will include a key skill that they must learn by heart. Please support your child to practise this skill. An adult in school will check how your child is getting on with their learn it and will move them on to the next learn it when they are confident.

English Homework

Your child will receive their homework via Purple Mash. Each Friday, your child’s class teacher will set a ‘2do’ which your child will need to complete by the following Wednesday.


Your child will also receive spellings on a Friday. They must complete these spellings within their spelling books and return these to school, ready to be tested on the following Friday.


It is very important for your child to build up confidence and fluency in reading. Your child will bring home their reading book each night. Please sign the reading record every time your child has read with an adult. We will check each week and add a sticker to their book mark for each day they read at home. When the book mark is full, they will receive a prize and a certificate.

PE kit

PE is on a Thursday afternoon.  We try to do PE outside, so please send appropriate outdoor PE kit.

Useful links:


Oxford Owl for School and Home

This link has access to our Floppy's Phonics programme.


Purple Mash by 2Simple

This link takes you to Purple Mash which is our computing programme. We use this programme for our homework but there are lots of activities to support your child.


Primary games - BBC Bitesize

The above link has access to games to support learning across the curriculum.


Hit the button 

The above link has access to maths games to support times tables in maths.


White Rose Maths Resources

This website provides information for parents and carers on how to support your child's learning in maths

Our Learning Gallery:


Spanish Day. We studied the Spanish speaking country Guatemala. Worry Dolls originated from Guatemala - here are some of ours.

Our portrait gallery to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II