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Lunch Menus & Free School Meals

School Meals During Term Time


Midday lunches are cooked and served on the premises. Children have a choice of menu but currently has reduced options due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Children will select a 'grab bag' style choice from the below menu.

Please note our September 2020 Menu is  limited due to the Covid-19.


However our normal menus  are climate-friendly Menus, reducing carbon emissions from food production and increasing the amount of vegetables in Pupils meals. The changes have been spurred on by the IPCC’s (intergovernmental panel) report on climate change. Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency in March 2019 and Is committed to making Leeds carbon neutral by 2030. School meals are a great place to start reducing the City’s carbon footprint. Catering Leeds are the catering provider for the majority of primary schools within the City. We are working with the Leeds City Council Health and Wellbeing Service team, plus food awareness organisation Pro-Veg to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the nutritional profile of the meal. Some of the changes we are introducing include:

  • More Vegetarian and Vegan dishes – we have a non- meat day each week, vegetarian day and vegan options

  • Renaming plant based dishes to make them more appealing to everyone

  • Adding more vegetables into main dishes, sauces and desserts such as parsnip in flapjack

  • Increasing raw vegetables with a main course, such as finger vegetable sticks with a pizza and pasta day.

All this, in addition to the fantastic colourful Salads Catering Leeds provide in school which provide pupils with a rainbow of salad and vegetables.

Our ongoing commitment to the Leeds Healthy Weight Declaration is also apparent in this menu, with smaller portions of cake being served, always accompanied with fresh fruit. The savoury dessert of cheese and crackers with fresh fruit wedges also makes a re-appearance

Foundation and KS1    – 11.30a.m.


KS2    – 12.00p.m onwards on a rota.


All children from Reception to Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal and since September 2019 all children have been expected to have school meals. There will be NO OPTION to bring a packed lunch for your child. 

Please review the menu above, and spend some time the night before each school day talking to to your child about the menu and what options they can choose, so that they have an idea of what it is they like and what they would like to choose the next day. Children can be fussy eaters, but we will encourage children to try different options. Our lunchtime staff and support staff will be able to help.


The charge for a school meal from September 2020 has increased slightly at £2.20 per day or £11.00 per week (Nursery) and £2.30 per day or £11.50 per week (Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 pupils).

Payments for school meals must be made IN ADVANCE every Monday for the whole week,  but can be paid at the beginning of each term or month. Unfortunately we can not offer credit, therefore if you haven't paid for a school meal you will be expected to bring a packed lunch from home for you child.

We no longer accept cash - to pay for school meals, milk and many other items please go to or visit the home page on our website and click on the £SCHOOLMONEY icon on the left hand side menu. You can also pay at Paypoint counters (request a barcode at the school office).


Some families are entitled to free school meals, click on the link for advise on how to Claim Free School Meals or complete the Benefit Claim Form at your local One Stop Shop (Dewsbury Road) and for more information about school meals click on the link: School Meals Information.


Lunches are prepared at the school. Every effort is made to ensure quality and consistency of service provided,  and we are very keen to promote Healthy Eating and Healthy lifestyles choices to our children. We are committed to providing a healthy and nutritious menu and encourage children to actively take part in sporting activities during the school day as part of the curriculum and additional activities during lunch breaks and after school clubs. Our Food Policy describes all aspects of our guidelines and expectations in school.

A number of lunchtime supervisors are employed to supervise the children during lunch service.   If your child is unable to eat a specific food, please advise the school Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Coordinator Mrs Myland, so that we can discuss further, as medical evidence maybe required from your GP for specific allergies.

Children who misbehave or cause disruption of any kind during the lunchtime period will be dealt with in accordance with our Behaviour Policy.


Packed lunch may be brought from home to school in year 3,4,5 and 6 ONLY, please read our Packed Lunch Policy for more information and ideas on what to put in your child’s healthy packed lunch. Please be reminded that cold takeaway/fast food is NOT acceptable. We cannot accept 'hot' food for your child at any time as this can cause  health and safety or food safety issues and cannot re-heat food. If you want your child to have a hot meal, particularly in winter, then please consider school meals.