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Curriculum Intent


At Ingram Road Primary School, we will help all children to develop an understanding of time, place, people and events through the effective teaching and learning of the knowledge skills and understanding of history. Our aim is to ignite a curiosity to learn about the past that will help children understand who they are and how their environment and the world has changed over time. We have a Topic based approach and make links to other subjects where appropriate. The topics have been carefully selected so that there are opportunities to explore ideas in depth, revisit and expand upon previous learning and make links between subjects. The topics are built around planned practical learning opportunities such as field work, museum visits and workshops that enrich children’s learning further. We take full advantage of our location in Leeds through curriculum topics that explore the richness of Leeds past and present.

History Intent, Implement, Impact

History policy 2021

History National Curriculum



Previously learnt vocabulary is recapped and discussed on a on-going, regular basis. 



Autumn term: 




Recent – It happened or begun not long ago.



Pompeii - was an ancient city located in what is now the commune of Pompei near Naples in the Campania region of Italy

Reliable – likely to be correct


Settlement – a small area where a group or groups live


Source – somewhere we can find information.


Spring term: 




Decade – A period of ten years.

Significant – Very important.

Discover – To be the first to find or explore something.

Commemorate – Celebrate and show respect for someone or something.

Memorial – Something like a structure that is there to remind people of a person or event.



Suitable - right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation.
Primary Source – a first-hand account of an event.  Primary sources are original materials usually in the form of newspapers, diaries, minutes and photographs.
Secondary Source – gives information on the primary source.  Examples include; text books, magazine articles and book reviews.

Hypothesis – an idea that may explain a situation that has not yet been proven to be correct


Summer term: 




Observe – To watch carefully and attentively.

Recount – To tell someone about something in the correct order.



Overview – a general understanding of a subject.

Prehistory – The period of time before written records.

Archaeologist – A person who studied human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains.

Nomadic – Travels from place to place, often following animals for food.

Settlement – A place, typically one which has previously been uninhabited, where people establish a community.

Stone Age – A prehistoric period when weapons and tools were made of stone or of organic materials such as bone, wood or horn.

Bronze Age – A prehistoric period that followed the Stone Age and preceded the Iron Age, when weapons and tools were made of bronze rather than stone.

Iron Age - A prehistoric period that followed the Bronze Age, when weapons and tools came to be made of iron.

Hillfort – A settlement built on a hilltop and surrounded by huge banks and wooden walls to keep enemies out.

Dt Topic

Autumn term:


Black History Month


Black History Month is observed every October in Britain. It is an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding contributions that Black people have made to British society, whether that be today or historically.
Black History Month provides great opportunities to highlight key moments in Black British history. It is important to celebrate the contributions of everyone to our society and support the multiculturalism and diversity that helps shape our communities. 

On Friday 5th November, Ingram Road celebrated Black History Month across school. Have a look at what we got up to!

Nursery and Foundation Black History Day

Spring Term



The origin of Chinese New Year. History Assembly PowerPoint.

LKS2 Trip to Armley Mills

Summer Term: 

Here are some pictures where LKS2 are using primary sources to help with their historical enquiry learning about Pre historic Britain.






Knowledge Organisers