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Healthy Eating and the school's Food Policies

Our normal menus are climate-friendly Menus, reducing carbon emissions from food production and increasing the amount of vegetables in Pupils meals. The changes have been spurred on by the IPCC’s (intergovernmental panel) report on climate change. Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency in March 2019 and Is committed to making Leeds carbon neutral by 2030. School meals are a great place to start reducing the City’s carbon footprint. Catering Leeds are the catering provider for the majority of primary schools within the City. We are working with the Leeds City Council Health and Wellbeing Service team, plus food awareness organisation Pro-Veg to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the nutritional profile of the meal. Some of the changes we are introducing include:

  • More Vegetarian and Vegan dishes – we have a non- meat day each week, vegetarian day and vegan options

  • Renaming plant based dishes to make them more appealing to everyone

  • Adding more vegetables into main dishes, sauces and desserts such as parsnip in flapjack

  • Increasing raw vegetables with a main course, such as finger vegetable sticks with a pizza and pasta day.

All this, in addition to the fantastic colourful Salads Catering Leeds provide in school which provide pupils with a rainbow of salad and vegetables.

Our ongoing commitment to the Leeds Healthy Weight Declaration is also apparent in this menu, with smaller portions of cake being served, always accompanied with fresh fruit. The savoury dessert of cheese and crackers with fresh fruit wedges also makes a re-appearance.

For more information from Leeds City Council Catering team about school meals click on the link: School Meals Information


Our School's Food Policy and Packed Lunch Policy explain what we expect as part of our schools 'Healthy Schools' status.