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Hello. I am Miss Leeming. I have been a teacher here at Ingram Road for 7 years now and I have been lucky to teach in many year groups. I am very excited to be a Year 4 teacher this year in Elm Class! I'm also excited to be working with Miss Toulson and Mrs Hall!

My favourite subject to teach is English but I also love teaching Maths and history. In my spare time, I love to watch films, read and watch football. I support Tottenham Hotspur which can be painful at times!





Our Class:


Long Term Plan:


Our Key Vocabulary:

The Awful Egyptians

Civilisation: A civilization is a large group of people who share certain advanced ways of living and working.


Evidence: something that gives proof or a reason to believe.


Ancient: belonging to the distant past, especially to the period in history before the end of the Roman Empire.


BCE (before common era) a year before the birth of Jesus Christ.


CE (common era) any year after Year 1


AD: Refers to a year that comes after the death of Jesus Christ.


Represent: to present a picture, image, or likeness of something


Hieroglyphics: a writing system that uses pictures and symbols instead of letters and words.


Trade: the buying and selling of goods and services.


Distribution: the act of giving out or delivering to someone.


Appearance: the way something looks.


Texture: How something feels when it is touched.


Sensory evaluation: Describing the quality of something when using your senses.


Preference test: a measure used to decide which of two or more items an individual prefers.


 Processed food: a ready to eat or a ready to heat meal.


Important things to remember:

HomeworkHomework is set on Purple Mash each week. Your child will have an English 2do. This will go live on a Friday and you have until Wednesday to complete it. Please speak to a member of staff if you are struggling to access Purple Mash. Your child will bring more information home about Maths homework as this will be set differently this year.
SpellingsSpellings are sent out on a Friday. The spellings will be based on a spelling pattern being taught in class that week. They will also be set on Purple Mash. Your child will need to complete these ready for each Friday.
ReadingIt is very important for your child to build up confidence and fluency in reading. Please read with your child and log this in their reading record book. We will check each week and your child will be rewarded if they have their book sign.
PE kitPE is on a Thursday, PE kit should be placed into a bag and brought into school.