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Design and Technology

Curriculum Intent


At Ingram Road Primary School, we believe Design and Technology should provide children with a real life context for learning. Design and Technology is an inspiring and practical subject which allows children to explore the world around them. Through our delivery of the National Curriculum, we encourage children to use their creativity and imagination. To design and make and evaluate products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. Using this approach, also ensures that all learners are able to participate in our broad and balanced curriculum, which we have developed to enable all children to thrive. At Ingram Road we use the Projects on a Page scheme of work to support the teaching of our curriculum. Design and Technology is a very real subject so we feel it is very important for children to evaluate existing products and learn about different designers, creators and chefs at the beginning of the design process. This then develops children’s awareness of the world around them, supporting them in becoming the next generation of innovators and risk-takers.    

Intent, Implement, Impact

DT National Curriculum


This is the vocabulary we are learning to use in Autumn Term. 


Axle – a rod on which one or more wheels can rotate, either freely or be fixed to and turn with the axle.

Axle holder – the component through which an axle fits and rotates.

Chassis – the frame or base on which a vehicle is built.

Friction – resistance which is encountered when two things rub together.

Dowel – wooden rods used for making axles to hold wheels.

Appearance – how the food looks to the eye.

Texture – how the product feels in the mouth.

Sensory evaluation – evaluating food products in terms of the taste, smell, texture and appearance.

Preference test – trying different foods and deciding which you like best.

Processed food – ingredients that have been changed in some way to enable them to be eaten or used in food preparation or cooking

Finishing – related to the appearance of the product 

shape, decoration and colour.

Rubbing in – rubbing the dry ingredients together with the fat, lifting to put air into the mixture, so that it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Knead – pulling and squeezing dough to make it smooth.

Bran – the hard, protective shell of a grain of wheat.

Dough – a mixture of flour, yeast and water before it is cooked.

Germ – part of the seed where the root and shoots grow from.

Yeast – a tiny plant which makes bubbles of carbon dioxide when mixed with flour and warm water.

Unleavened bread – flat bread where yeast has not been added.

Foundation Stage: 


This half term we have been tasting different breads to find out which bread was our favourite. The breads we had to taste were white bread, wholemeal bread, a baguette, pitta bread and rye bread. 

Everyone really enjoyed taking part in this activity and we learnt some new vocabulary to go alongside our taste test. 

This included, sweet, dry, soft, hard, crust, and the names of the different breads as we tried them. When we had tried each bread we voted for which bread was our favourite and said a reason why. 

Jason said, "I like the baguette, it soft inside."

Darcey thought, "The white bread is yummy, it is like what I have at home." 

Cody suggested, "The pitta bread is sweet."

At the end of the testing Miss Jeffery told us that white bread was the favourite bread for Foundation Stage 2022. 




Design Brief:


Design, make and evaluate a moving toy for Foundation Stage for areas of provision. 


KS1 have really enjoyed making their moving toys. They began firstly by evaluating some existing toys some of which rolled. The children then listed to a story about Roly Polys to get them thinking about how some toys might move. It was then over to the children as they made their roly polys. In the design stage the children began to think about what moving toy they would like to make, with lots of children thinking about toys such as cars. The children spent a long time making their moving toys considering what it would look like and decorating it using resources such as paint and pens which they thought the children from EYFS would enjoy.

When all the designs were completed, the children from Foundation Stage were then invited to come and play with the moving toys. It was a lovely experience for everyone involved and provided KS1 children with the real life scenario that they had been able to meet their design brief. 





Design Brief: 


Design, make and evaluate a fajita wrap for vegetarians for a healthy diet.


The children in LKS2 have really enjoyed making fajitas this half term. The children firstly took part in an activity looking at food packaging which linked to previous learning as it encouraged the children to look at where the product might be from in the world. From there the children then evaluated existing products which allowed them to think about the products they might like to have in their fajitas. This was then a survey in class to find out what their peers liked or did not like. This quickly then became the design part of the sessions and children were encouraged to produce their own designs. In the make lessons the children chopped, sliced and grated carefully and followed strict hygiene procedures. 




Design Brief: 


Design, make and evaluate a cultural dish for teachers to celebrate at a festival.


Come back soon to take a look at our amazing work!


DT Competition


During Autumn term, we have held a cooking competition. It began during our DT Assembly where Miss Jeffery read the story 'A pizza with everything on.' The children were tasked with a home learning activity to design a pizza. So many children returned their designs which was amazing. Miss Millard and Miss Jeffery had the difficult job to choose some winners. 

The winners were;

Steven in Elderberry Class

Bashir in Holly Class

Ayla in Beech Class

Niki in Beech Class

Erivaldo in Hazel Class

Leonita in Elm Class

Rosalina in Ash Class

Elizabeth in Sycamore Class

Well done to the winners and everyone who entered. Please keep an eye out for DT competitions in the future! 


The children who were identified as the winners were invited to come and make the pizza that they designed. It was brilliant fun and everyone said that the pizza was yummy.  Take a look at the pictures below it also includes the receipe that we used incase you would like to have a go at home. 

Useful Websites you might like to take a look at! 

On this website you are able to take a look at different designers and see what they designed.

This is a good website which looks at healthy eating and making good choices when you are cooking. There are also some lovely recipes you might like to make at home! At the top of the page, you can select your age group to learn lots about being healthy.